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    SiliPint Cup---- SILI-FUN-FACTOR!
      Edit:hoosam      Time:2012/3/20 15:01:59    View:5045
    Do you like play games,hereby we will recommend a tool---sili-pint cup to help you play games,it's very interesting.
    Sili-Drinking Games
    Put on your best boxing attire, grab two friends, a stopwatch, a few Sili Shots, two dice and some beer. Stretch. Do some jumping jacks. Now you’re ready. 
    Sit at a table, two on a team across from one another. One is the boxer and one is the corner, support guy/girl. The competing boxers both roll one dice at the same time. The lowest die takes the ‘punch’, meaning they need to drink their shot of beer. The support guy/girl then fills the empty Sili Shot as fast as possible, and the two boxers roll again! After the three minute round, there is a 30 second break while the boxers and support staff switch places. Reset the clock: round 2! The game continues until someone taps out. Feel free to toss the Sili Shot at the winners to humiliate them; unlike real boxing, this won’t hurt. 
    Alright, Silination, this one is a classic: Find a hardwood table that bounces quarters well. Sit around the table with friends. One Silipint is placed in the center, with as much drink as you see fit. One person bounces the quarter, trying to land it in the Sili-crystal.if it goes in, the bouncer picks someone to drink it all and then refill. If the bouncer makes three-in-a-row, they make a rule, and if the rule is broken, the guilty party consumes. If the bouncer misses, the quarter is passed to the next person. Winner and end of game to be determined.
    Silination, this ones a simple one. Grab your Sili-crystal  , some beer, and a deck of cards. Remove all the 7s and place them in a line on a table, vertically. There needs to be enough room on each side of the 7s to lay the rest of the cards, in numerical order. Distribute the rest of the deck evenly (3-7 people, typically); discard the Jokers. 
    Whoever has owned their Sili-crystal the longest goes first. They can lay any card next to a 7, so long as it matches the suit. That card determines how many drinks are taken and who’s getting Sili. For example, if a 4 of hearts is placed next to the 7 of hearts, the person put that card down, has to drink 3 (the difference) drinks from their Sili-crystal.however, if the card played is numerically adjacent to the card on the table, a 6 next to a 7, then you get to pick who drinks 2 drinks (the number of adjacent cards in a row). So, say there is a K, Q, J, 10 & 9 of diamonds on the table and you place the 8 of diamonds, that means there are now 6 cards in a row, so you get to give out 6 drinks. The game ends when all the cards are gone. Only the bravest play multiple games of Sevens. 
    Similar to Quarters, find a coin-bouncing-friendly table and sit around with friends. In the center of the table, place one full Sili-crystal.In a circle around the full Sili-crystal  the other Sili-crystal in front of each person, filled ? of the way. If player bounces a quarter into the ?-filled Sili-crystal,the player whom that Sili-crystal belongs to must drink it and refill to ?. If quarter lands in FULL Sili-crystal , everyone must drink their ?, racing to finish and set empty Sili-crystal  down. Last one to set their Sili-crystal  down must drink the FULL Sili-crystal  in middle. All Silipints are then refilled to earlier levels and game resumes. Each person shoots until they miss, then passes the quarter.
    5、Civil War
    In even teams of at least two players (up to however many your table can handle), stand on opposite sides of the table, facing your opponents. Each soldier places three Sili-crystal  in front of them, in a triangle (two back, one front), filled roughly ? of the way with beer. Two ping-pong balls are used, and fired as rapidly as possible. When a cup is made, it is pulled, and consumed. A player that is hit cannot fire back until they have consumed. There is no defense (swatting). Once all three of a soldier’s cups are made, they are out. The last team with a soldier remaining is victorious! 
    To play the Revolutionary version, all team members left on one side shoot at the same time. Play with a ball for each soldier. God’s speed.
    6、King’s Cup
    There are many, many variations of this classic card game. Below is one set of rules; amend as you see fit. The generally idea is the same – have fun! 
    Each person has a drink (preferably in a Sili-crystal ) and one empty Sili-crystal  is placed in the middle of the card table. A full deck of cards (no Jokers) is then spread face-down, around the middle Sili-crystal .
    Whoever brought the Silipints, or whoever had theirs first, goes first, by picking a card. They then have to do the following, before discarding their card. The game continues until all the cards are drawn.  
    2: Give two drinks to whomever you choose
    3: Take three drinks
    4: Floor – The last player to touch the floor with a hand, has to consume
    5: Guys – All guys must consume
    6: Chicks – All girls must consume
    7: Heaven – The last player to point to the ceiling, must consume
    8: Thumb Master – Current owner of the 8 is the Thumb Master, meaning when they place a thumb on the table, everyone else must do the same. The last person to catch on, has to consume. The Thumb Master can do this as many times as he/she cares to, until another 8 is drawn, therefore assigning a new Thumb Master.
    9: Bust-A-Rhyme - Someone drop a beat! The card holder starts the rhyme off by saying a random sentence, hopefully ending with something easy to rhyme with. The person to their left must follow with another, similarly structured sentence ending in the same rhyme scheme, but not using the same word. This continues around the table until someone says the same word, can’t think of a rhyme, or takes longer than 7 seconds. That person consumes.
    10: Rule Master – They make a rule – any rule. If the rule is broken, the perpetrator must consume (for example, no names; no swearing; no etc). Similar to Thumb Master, the Rule Master’s reign last until the next 10 is drawn, then their rule is void (that is, unless you want to play where rules are grandfathered in).
    Jack: Categories – A category is identified (things you can do with your Silipint, for example) and to the left, each person is required to name something belonging to that category. This continues until something is repeated or a player cannot think of one in 7 seconds. They then consume.
    Queen: Question Master – No one can answer any question posed by this person; if they do, they consume. Again, this continues until the next Queen is drawn, crowning the next Question Master. Do you understand? Good, now drink.
    King: King’s Cup: The first three Kings drawn fill the middle Silipint a third of the way with whatever their drinking in their own Silipints. When the fourth King is drawn, that person must chug the middle Silipint. Feel free to throw the empty Silipint at whoever mixed their third of a Bloody Mary with the beer.
    Ace: Social. Cheers to all, and everyone take a drink. 
    Using 22 Silipints (two for personal use, 10 on each side, in a pyramid), set up a ping pong table in the same way you would for beer pong. However, in the center of the table, there is a chalice (which can be a vase, a bed pan, an smelly boot, whatever!). In the chalice, add the nastiest mixture of beer, liquor, seasonings, pickle juice, and anything else you can muster. Clearly, you want to avoid the chalice at all costs. The hosts or reigning champs go first.
    Like beer pong, teams of two take turns shooting two ping pong balls at the other team’s Silipints. If a Silipint is made, it must be pulled and consumed. If both players make Sili-crystal , both Sili-crystal  must be pulled and both balls are returned for second shots. If both players make the same Sili-crystal , three Sili-crystal  must be pulled and both balls returned. Additionally, if a player’s personal Sili-crystal  is so much as touched by a ping pong ball, that player must drink. If a personal Sili-crystal  is made, it must be immediately finished and filled back up. 
    Here’s where the chalice comes in: If a shot that you throw so much as touches the chalice, you must take a sip from it; if the ball you throw goes in the chalice, well, it was nice knowing ya, you have to drink the entire thing.
    There are no re-racks, swatting or blowing in beer bowling. Airballs require a drink out of the personal Sili-crystal  by the poor thrower.
    The game is won by making all of one team’s Sili-crystal , allowing them one rebuttal, shooting until they miss. Overtimes are rare, but do happen and require a three Sili-crystal  triangle. The same rules apply in overtime. Whew, good luck, Silination! 
    Needed: Sili-crystal , at least three fun people, one quarter. Congregate around a flat table. Whoever brought the Sili-crystal or has owned theirs the longest, goes first, by spinning the quarter on the table (hold upright with one finger, then flick with finger on other hand). Once the quarter starts spinning, the flicker yells out someone else’s name. That player then must either try to stop the quarter from spinning using only one finger and not letting the quarter fall, or, flick the quarter again, keeping it spinning, and then yelling the name of someone else who must do the same. Silination, we promise this sounds easier than it really is. Here’s what happens when you goof: If the flicker sends the quarter off the table, he/she must consume. If the quarter falls flat before the named person can stop it or continue its spin by flicking it themselves, they must consume. Feel free to create rules relating to the landing on heads or tales as well. Have some fun with it. And, best of all, with your Sili-crystal , there’s no need to worry about chipping any glasses. 
    9、Three Man
    Silination, grab some dice. Everyone rolls one die until one person has rolled a three, becoming the Three Man. Then, the two dice are passed around the table, each person taking their turn to roll, only passing the dice when a roll ends without a required drink. Here’s what the roll totals mean:
    -    3: Three Man must drink. If Three Man rolls this, they may select a new Three Man, but don’t have to. They may want to though, because at any point during the game, any player can tell the Three Man to drink EXCEPT the person holding the dice (if they do this, they themselves must drink).
    -    7: Person to the right of roller drinks.
    -    9: Person across from roller drinks.
    -    10: Social! Everyone drinks.
    -    11: Person to the left of roller drinks.
    -    4+1: Thumb-Master. When Thumb-Master places thumb on table (whenever they want) everyone else must do the same. Last person to place thumb on table must drink. Thumb Master changes only when another 4+1 is rolled. There can only be one Thumb Master.
    -    Doubles: Roller of doubles passes both dice to one person or one die to two people; that person/those people roll and drink for that many seconds. 
    10、Beer Pong
    Ahh, yes; Beer Pong, perhaps the most popular of all drinking games. What you need:  At least 4 players, 14-22 Sili-crystal , 2 ping pong balls, and a table (preferably a ping pong table). First, arrange 6-10 Sili-crystal  on each side of the table, in a triangle much like bowling pins. Teams take turns (both players shooting once) the get the ping pong ball in other team’s Sili-crystal  – if ball goes in, receiving team must drink that cup (filled w/ ? Sili-crystal  or less). If both balls go in two different cups, both cups are emptied and both balls returned for more shots by successful team. If both balls go in same cup, three cups are emptied and both balls are returned for more shots by successful team. If a team chooses to bounce, the defending team can swat the ball away before it lands in the Sili-crystal . However, if a bounced shot goes in, that constitutes two Sili-crystals being emptied and removed. Cups are pulled after they’ve been made. The last team with cups remaining wins, though once last cup is made the team with no cups left gets one more shot each at redemption, shooting until they miss. Overtimes have the same rules but include only three Sili-crystals at  the start.Once a winner is announced, the losing team must finish any remaining Sili-crystal  on winner’s side of table. 
    11、Spider Web
    Needed: 2 ping pong balls, 2 Silishots and a bunch of friends with their Silipints (>6 works best). 
    All players line up around a table, connected in a circle. Silipints are filled ? of the way with beer. The game starts with two people, at opposite ends of the table, trying to make their ping pong balls into the Silishots in front of them; the catch is, the balls have to be bounced in, which is easier said than done. If shooters make it in one try, they choose to pass to the left or right; if shooters take more than one try, they must pass left. Eventually, the shot glasses will make their way around the table and when they do (here’s where the Sili starts), the ball will need to pass someone who is mid-shot; that person must drink their Sili-crystal  before they begin shooting again. While they’re doing this, the person who was just passed the other ball, has three chances to make the ball in to Silishot. If they succeed, they pass back to the shooter on the other side of the player finishing his Sili-crystal  and then they have the same opportunity to make the ball in three tries or less. This continues until it takes more than four shots to make the ball OR the two on the edge of the ‘Spider Web’ make nine in a row (meaning the poor player in the middle will have had to drink nine times!). Then the game restarts, after a reshuffling of the players’ order. Other players are encouraged to take pictures mid-Spider Web and send share them with Silination on Twitter or Facebook! The game ends 
    12、Boat Race
    Needed: A table with an equal numbered crew on each side & Sili-crystal  for all. Fill desired amount of beer into Sili-crystal . And 3-2-1, AHOY! The race is on! The first players from one end of the table face off, cheers, and drink as fast as they can. When they finish, they place the empty Sili-crystal  on their head, upside down, and squeeze it. This proves the Sili-crystal  is in fact emptied. Then the next person in line goes. It’s basically a relay race. The last players are known as anchors. When an anchor raises his Silipint and victoriously squeezes it over their head, their team has won. Repeat as necessary. This game is similar to flip cup, but without the flip and with as much sailor jargon as possible. Savvy? 
    13、Match Maker
    Remember spin-the- bottle? Well, this game is similar, but without the kisses. Sit around a table with friends, Sili-crystal  at the ready. Toss a wooden match into the center of the table; whomever the red, striking tip of the match is pointing at must drink. Then, the drinker picks up the match and tosses it again. Continue until spin-the-bottle starts to sound appealing. If you have no match, use a Sili-crystal !
    15、Century Club
    Needed: a clock, Silishots, a lot of beer and big, healthy livers. Set a timer for 100 minutes. Each minute, take a Silishot of beer. That’s it; good luck! Note: This game improves dramatically with music and many websites offer Century Club or Power Hour mixes where the music changes each minute, letting you know it’s time to consume! WARNING – This game is serious. A Century Club member will end up drinking 10 beers in just over an hour and a half; perhaps a half Silishot is more reasonable…
    Silination, now here’s a puzzle for ya. With a pen, write rules on each Jenga piece, on the bottom side, where it cannot be seen until the piece is drawn. Not all pieces need a rule. Examples of rules follow: 
    -    Give 1 drink        - Finish your drink
    -    Give 2 drinks        - Girls drink
    -    Give 3 drinks        - Guys drink
    -    Take 1 drink        - No swearing (if you do, you must drink)
    -    Take 2 drinks        - No names (if you use a name, you must drink)
    -    Take 3 drinks        - Question Master (answer this person & drink)
    -    Shun (talk to this person & drink)
    -    Buddy Up (pick a partner; each time one of you drinks, so does the other)
    -    Get Sili (the one Silishot is taken, then incorporated in the Jenga stack!)
    -    Rule (make a rule; if it’s broken – perpetrators drink)
    -    Feel free to make up your own as well!
    The game is played like regular Jenga with each player taking a turn to remove a block with one hand only. Before that piece is stacked on top, that player must abide by the rule, if there is one. If the stack crumbles, the unlucky player must finish their Silipint, restack the pieces, and then start the new tower off by drawing three new pieces. Good luck, Silination! 
    17、High Low
    This game can be played with as many people as you like. One person is the card dealer. Using a regular deck of cards (without Jokers), one player is dealt a card. They then guess whether the next card they’ll be dealt will be higher or lower. The next card is dealt. If they were correct, the guess again; the goal is to get three correct guesses in the row, then, the dealer has to drink and the next player is dealt a card and the game continues. If the player guesses incorrectly, however, they must drink the difference. For example, if a 10 is dealt and they guess higher, but the next card is a 5, that person needs to drink 5 (since they were wrong – and 5 is the difference). Now, pay attention to the cards, Silination – this will help determine what’s coming. At times, the same card will be played in a row. If this happens, scratch that card and flip another. However, and again, this is where paying attention helps, if the guesser actually guesses that the card WILL be the same, and it IS, then the dealer has to finish their drink. If the card is not the same, the guesser has to drink the difference. The game continues until the deck is used, then a new dealer is picked. 
    18、F the Dealer
    With a Silipint nearby, the first dealer sits with a full deck of cards (no Jokers). One person guesses what the first card will be (suits don’t matter). The dealer flips it. If the guess was right, the dealer drinks for 10 seconds. If the first guess was incorrect, the dealer lets the guesser know if the card is higher or lower; they guess again. If the 2nd guess is right, the dealer must drink 5 seconds. If the second guess is wrong, however, the guesser has to drink for as many seconds as their guess was off by the card. The dealer can then show the card. If the dealer successfully stumps three players in a row, the deck is passed to the left, creating a new dealer. 
    19、Anchor Man
    For this one, you’ll need two teams of at least two or more on each side, as many quarters as players, and a Silipint filled with beer in the middle of the table. Each team member takes a turn, tossing a quarter in the Silipint, from a sitting position, underhand. Whichever team makes the most quarters in that round, has to drink the Silipint in the middle. Here’s where the Anchor Man comes in: both teams name an Anchor Man before each round. That Anchor Man drinks out of the Silipint last, having to pick up whatever ‘slack’ his/her teammates left behind. While each team member drinks, they cannot stop drinking – even for a second – or else they have to pass to the next person. This means the Anchor Man has to chug, without stopping, the rest of the Silipint(s). For larger groups, add more Silipints. For thirsty Anchor Men, other team members should just take a sip, leaving the Anchor Man a full Silipint to consume!
    20、Liars Dice
    For this, everyone needs a Silipint, beer, and 6 dice per player. All players sit around a table, somewhat resembling a circle, if possible. In the Silipints, each player puts all of their dice (not beer…yet). Everyone rolls their 6 dice; the highest total will bet first, then continue around the table to the left. Once this order is established, everyone, in unison, shakes and rolls their dice in their Silipints and then places them upside down, making sure the Silipints conceal the dice. Each player looks and counts his/her dice, not letting anyone else know what they have. The first better makes a bet, trying to get doubles, triples, etc of the same quantity on each die. For example, a bet could be two 3s and three 4s. 1s are wild. The goal is to have (or say you have) the most of one number, with that number itself being the tie breaker (example: four 3s bests four 2s; but four 2s bests three 5s). After the first bet is made, the person to the left can tie the bet, raise the bet (besting the two 3s and three 4s by having four 2s) or they can challenge the previous bet. If the bet is raised or tied, the next person on the left goes. If the previous bet is challenged, all players at the table raise their Silipints.
    Here’s where it gets tricky: A challenge is placed when the challenger believes there is no combination of 1s and the actual number that beats what the better claims they have at the ENTIRE table. For example, if four 3s were bet and challenged, everyone flips their cups and the remaining 3s and 1s (wilds) are counted. If the better has the same amount or more 3s (&1s) than the rest of the table combined, the challenger must take three drinks out of their Silipint and loses one of their dice. However, if the better has less 3s than the rest of the table combined (which usually happens if they’re bluffing), then the better must take three drinks out of their Silipint and loses one of their dice. No one else gets the discarded dice. Then, the game starts over with shaking Silipints and flipping them over with the dice inside. The next round of betting starts with the (un)lucky player who just consumed. When only one player has dice left, they win. 
    This game is for as many players as your table can handle, a Silipint for each plus one for the table, and a ping pong ball. The table’s Silipint is filled with beer and placed in the center; individual Silipints are filled ? of the way and placed in front of each person on the table. Teams are split up and seated across from one another at the table. One person starts by attempting to bounce the ping pong ball into any of the Silipints at the table. If the ball is made into a personal Silipint, flip cup immediately commences between the bouncer and owner of the Silipint that was just made. Flip cup entails chugging the beer in the Silipint, then placing the Silipint right-side up on the edge of the table before it is ‘flipped’ with one (or a few) fingers; the goal is to have the Silipint land upside-down, without touching it. The first to do this wins, and the other person has to finish the full Silipint in the middle. However, if the middle Silipint is made, everyone races to finish their Silipints and flip them; the last to successfully finish and flip their Silipint, has to consume the Silipint in the middle and is out. Therefore, each time the middle Silipint is made, a player will be lost. The game continues until one team is eliminated. Any beer cans or bottles that are empty into the Silipints during the game’s entirety are to be placed, systematically, as defense boulders, making it more difficult for other team to flip Silipints or make the ping pong balls. When players are eliminated, their Silipints can also be used as boulders. 
    22、Land Mines
    Grab a quarter, some friends, a quarter-friendly table, two Silishots and an ample amount of beer (cans work best). Fill the Silishots with beer. The first player spins the quarter and races to finish both shots of beer, using only one hand, before the quarter stops spinning. They then grab the quarter, again with the same one hand, before it stops spinning. If a player cannot finish both Silishots of beer and successfully pick the quarter back up before it stops spinning, they have to fill the two Silishots up and try it again until they succeed. Sound easy? Well, let’s introduce some Land Mines! When a can of beer is emptied into players’ Silipints, it then becomes a Land Mind, meaning it can be placed on the table as a destructive obstacle to the spinning quarters. Also, the actual placing of the Land Mines can be destructive as players are encourage to smash their empty cans on a spinning quarter, causing the spinner to finish both Silishots and start again. Once a Land Mine has been laid, it cannot be moved. Quarters can bump Land Mines, so long as they continue spinning. As you can imagine, a lot of strategically placed Land Mines can be beneficial. To place more Mines, simply drink more beers. If, for some reason, someone is really struggling at successfully passing the quarter, they can take a ‘pass’ at the cost of chugging one beer out of a Silipint. The game continues until a nuclear fallout occurs, meaning there are too many beer cans on the table to successful spin a quarter.
    23、Tractor Pull
    This one requires some gear: six Silipints, one Silishot; two cans of beer per person, one of whom is deemed the official timekeeper. Place the Silipints in a straight line on a table. In the first Silipint, use the Silishot to measure one shot of beer; in the second Silipint, measure two shots of beer; and so on, until the sixth cup has six shots of beer poured in it. Then, whoever decides to go first, starts with the one-shot Silipint and begins to chug. As soon as their lips hit the Silipint, the timekeeper starts the timer. The drinker has one minute to finish all six Silipints. If they finish them all, the time is stopped and recorded. If the minute buzzes, the drinker stops drinking and the beer(s) remaining is(are) eyed and noted. The goal is to finish all six beers in the fastest time possible, or, if you’re playing with rookies, the goal is to leave the least beer in the Silipints. The players always must start with the one-Silishot Silipint and work their way upwards. If someone has a finisher’s time worth sharing, please let Silination know!
    It doesn’t get any easier than this, Silination. But, be warned, the game goes fast and can catch up with you. Grab a deck of cards; each card is worth that amount of drinks (2s=2 drinks; 8s=8drinks; Queens = 12 drinks, etc). The dealer eyes a victim; the victim calls out a suit. The dealer flips cards until landing on that suit. The victim then drinks that many drinks from their Silipint. The dealer goes on to the next player and the game continues. When the cards are used up, the person to the left becomes the dealer. Again, use your heads Silination; regardless of the name of the game, don’t kill yourselves!
    25、Power Hour
    Similar to Century Club, Power Hours require that you take a Silishot of beer every minute for an hour (whereas Century Club is 100 minutes). It sounds easy, but think about it; you’ll be consuming almost six beers in an hour. Only attempt if you’re intending on getting all sorts of Sili! 
    Remember playing Operation as a kid? Well, this is the adult version! Dig deep into your closet and find the Operation game board. Grab two-six friends and your Silipints. Simply follow the rules, but assign drink values to the cards drawn (for example $100 cards = 1 drink; $12000 cards = 12 drinks). If you make a buzz, you get buzzed by drinking as many drinks as the card instructs. If you surgeon the piece out successfully, buzz someone else by making them drink as many drinks as the card instructs. Play as many games as you’d like, and you’ll appreciate why surgeons aren’t allowed to drink on the clock! 
    This is a safer, quicker version of Kings. Firstly, remove all the cards out of a standard deck besides the 7s through the Kings. Place cards facedown, surrounded by an empty Silipint, and gather some friends around the table with their Silipints filled with beer. One person draws a card at a time, going to the left. The cards’ rules are as follows:
    7s: Drawer drinks
    8s: Everybody drinks
    9s: Person to the left drinks
    10s: Person to the right drinks
    Jacks: Person across the table from drawer drinks
    Queens: Category – Drawer picks a category (for example, things you can take your Silipint and not get in trouble); the first person to slip up and not name something new belonging to that category in 5-10 seconds, must drink.
    Kings: The first three Kings drawn require each drawer to fill the Silipint in the middle ? of the way with whatever it is they’re drinking. The last King drawn must drink the mix in the Silipint. Feel free to throw said Silipint at whoever adds the nastiest drink to the mix, after you finish it of course! 
    28、Horse Race
    Are you feeling lucky, Silination? All you need for this one is a  deck of cards, some beer, and a Silipint for each player. One person is designated as the official announcer (this can change after each race). All four Aces are placed in a horizontal line on the table. Then, face-down, the first eight cards are placed perpendicularly, on the left of the Aces and not touching the row of Aces. This should now resemble the letter ‘L’ and the only visible cards at this point should be the Aces. Now we’re ready to place bets. 
    A bet is placed on the suit of the horse (the Ace) you believe will win (the same suit can be bet on by a number of players, but each player can only bet on one suit). Any amount of drinks can be bet, however, each player must drink half the drinks they bet if they lose. 
    And, they’re off. The announcer flips a card remaining in the deck and moves the horse (Ace) belonging to that suit up one card. That card is then flipped, and, the horse (Ace) of the matching suit must move back one card (that is, unless they’re still at the starting gate). This continues until one horse (Ace) passes the final card (totaling nine moves forward) and wins! Spectators should be hooting and hollering until a horse is crowned.
    Those betting on the winning horse, give out twice the number of drinks they wagered. Those who placed losing bets must also drink half the amount they wagered to begin with. 
    Alright, pilots, load up some beer, Silipints, a quarter, and set your sights on a table that will seat you and your friends. Each pilot needs a Silipint, plus one community Silipint in the middle of the landing strip. Fill all Silipints ? of the way with beer. The goal is to bounce the quarter into someone else’s Silipint, however, the shooter yells out one of three things before they fire: 
    -    a) Shooter says the person’s name they’re attacking – if that person’s Silipint is made, they drink the Silipint; if it’s missed, nothing happens. 
    -    b) Shooter yells out ‘Kamikaze” plus a target’s name – if the shooter hits in the correct Silipint, that target drinks their Silipint PLUS the community Silipint before filling it to whatever the target desires, knowing that they themselves may have to consume it again next. If the shooter misses, however, the shooter must drink his/her own Silipint PLUS the community Silipint before refilling it to whatever level they decide.
    -    c) Shooter yells out “Super-Kamikaze!” and makes any cup at the table, all players must drink their Silipints. If shooter misses, however, the shooter must finish every Silipint at the table. Yes, you heard correctly; every Silipint. Only the Mavericks and Icemans of quarter-bouncing should ever attempt a Super Kamikaze. If you do not understand this reference, immediately stop playing and watch Top Gun.  
    By far, this game is the most fun to say. Farkle. To play, 6 dice are needed along with Silipints and choice beverages. Farkle can be played with as many people as desired. To begin Farkle, one player rolls all six dice. If at least three of the dice are greater than 3s, they have  officially entered the game of Farkle. If not, the dice are passed to the next player. Once entered into Farkle, the player rolls again. For each pair, triplet, etc that comes up on the next roll, that player must take that many drinks. For example, if two 2s and three 4s are rolled, two drinks must be taken from their Silipint, before passing the dice to the next player to see if they’ll enter Farkle. If a straight is rolled (1,2,3,4,5,6), the player must finish their entire Silipint before rolling again. Farkle can be played for as long as desired. Farkle. 
    Foosball is only for the most serious of drinking-gamers. To play, the following is needed: 14-26 Silipints; 4 ping pong balls; 4 players; and a ping pong table. Similar to partner beer pong, you stand two on a side, in the corners, however, in Foosball, you’re you stand directly across from your partner rather than next to them. Each player has their own rack of Silipints, ranging from three per person to six. Completely different from Foosball’s cousin beer pong, where the losing team finishes the drinks at the table, in Foosball, the winning pair is the one forced to finish all the leftovers (good luck keeping a streak alive!) 
    To begin, designate two additional Silipints as water cups, one on each side, and place two of the ping pong balls in there (these are the ‘fourthballs’). The other two ping pong balls are placed in the hands of diagonally facing players, meaning representatives of the opposing teams. Then, “3, 2, 1 FOOSBALL” and the players start shooting at their partner’s Silipints. The goal is to make all your teams Silipints before the other team makes theirs. Unlike beer pong, Foosball is all about speed; if your partner misses, simply grab the ball and fire in their direction. If a ball is made, that Silipint must be consumed, then flipped over (flip cup style!), slammed down and slid away BEFORE the next shot is released. The winners are the first to make all of their team’s Silipints. If, for example, a shot is released before that team has finished a made Silipint or successfully flipped it, the opposing team can call a “Penalty!” This means a power play – where both players on the opposing team get an uncontested shot before the chaos resumes. Now, remember that ball placed in the water Silipint? Well, since the game is so fast paced, that is in case there’s a rogue ping pong ball; each team has access to only one of the two extra ‘fourthballs.’ And how would a ball become lost? Well, enter the defense! Players can block shots from the opposing teams, but only after they hit something (another Silipint, the table, etc). Blocks are effective because they prevent a cup from being made, but also, because they send the opposing team running to retrieve their ball OR forces them to use the only ‘fourthball’ they have access to. The opposing team’s ping pong balls cannot be held, only swatted away. 
    Two players sit across the table from one another, about four feet apart, if possible (if not, a tinier version of this game can be played with two people and Silishots…we’ll let you decide what to put in them). Place two (still connected) paper towels in the center of the table. Each player has 2-6 Silipints in front of them, either in a line or a triangle (that is up to the players, so long as they are the same formations). About two beers per person should be split equally into the Silipints. Then, using a ping pong ball, one player bounces across the table, trying to make the ball into the other player’s Silipint. If the Silipint is made, that player must drink and the thrower gets the empty Silipint to place on the paper towel platform in the middle of the table, wherever they want. Silination, here’s where strategy comes in: be careful to place the Silipints where it affects the opponents ability to bounce in Silipints, without affected yours. Silipints can also be stacked. The game is won when one person successfully makes all of the opponents Silipints. 
    33、Suck It
    This game is best played in couples, and will get you Sili in a hurry! One Silipint is placed in the middle, filled with beer. Then, each player has a straw and a Silipint, filled roughly ? of the way with beer. Everyone starts at the same time, sucking the beer as fast as they can through a straw. If your couple is last to finish your Silipints then, well, you suck. The penalty is to tag team the full Silipint in the middle and, with both straws, suck the entire Silipint dry. 
    34、Hide & Drink
    Meet hide and seek, with a college degree. Everyone (except the seeker) pours a beer in their Silipint and runs and hides with it. Then, the seeker comes to find the hiders. Once someone is found, they must drink the beer in their Silipint. Drinking during the hiding is allowed, meaning the stealthy ones will have longer to drink their beers; the first ones found will have to finish their beers a lot quicker. Plus, the last one found becomes the seeker the next round, meaning he/she will not have to drink that game. Hide & Drink is most fun when played over and over again, because, well, we’ll let you figure that out for yourselves! 
    35、I Go U Go
    Silination, I hope you’re thirsty. For this, you’ll need at least three players, but we encourage many more. Each player needs a Silishot and as many beers as they feel like. The first player fills his/her Silishot with beer and drinks it. Then, they point to whomever they want and say “I go, you go!” This next person must fill their Silishot with beer, consume and do the same. The game continues until all beer is consumed. 
    Here’s your excuse to call Grandma: see if she still has that Candy-Land board you played when you were younger. Once you locate the game with all its pieces, invite three others over and ask them to bring their Silipints and some beer. Each player picks a colored game piece, then the game is played by the Candy-Land rules. However, every time your piece passes the same color square(s) you have, you must drink from your Silipint. This applies whether your piece is moving forwards or backwards. Once someone is crowned the King, all others must finish their Silipints and bow down. 
    All you need to be an A**hole is a deck of cards and a Silipints with beverages for all players. The youngest player is the dealer, to start. The dealer deals one card at a time until all cards are dealt; the person left of the dealer plays first. The goal is to play all your cards first. That being said, the first person to play can put down whatever they like, either a single card or doubles (triples, etc.). The catch is that the next person in the game must beat what was laid by either placing a higher card (a single 10 beats a single 8) or a higher grouping of any card (two fives beat a single 8). If the same card is played twice in a row, then the next player is skipped and must take a drink. If someone cannot beat what was played, they must pass to the next person and take a drink. This continues until play returns to the person that owns the most recent card(s) that no one has been able to beat. That person clears and starts again by playing whichever card they want. 
    2s are arguably the best cards because they clear whatever was played, allowing that person to start a new round immediately.   
    4s are special because they are socials (meaning everyone drinks from their Silipints) and can be played at any time (when it is that person’s turn…a good tool if you can’t beat what was played prior). 4s do not ‘beat’ any cards though. 
    The first to empty their hands is the President in the next round; the second is Vice-President, then Treasurer, Senator, etc, all the way down to Vice-A**hole, and A**hole. The ranking is important because during the next game, anyone ranking higher than you (meaning they were out before you during the previous game) can make you drink – for any reason they choose. This makes a tough game for the A**hole. To make matters worse, the A**hole must also deal and clear the cards after each hand. However, while dealing, the A**hole can make anyone at the table drink (it’s not uncommon for an A**hole to take five minutes to deal the cards, since this is his/her only opportunity to make others drink at will). The A**hole must also give their two best cards to the President who in turn gives their two worst cards to the A**hole. Similarly, the Vice A**hole must give the Vice President their best card in exchange fro the Vice President’s worst card. And finally, before play starts, the President creates an everlasting rule (no names, no swearing, etc). Perpetrators must drink. 
    38、Irish Snap
    Divide a deck a cards equally among players, face down. Wiithout looking, the player left of the dealer goes first, flipping over their top card and saying, ‘two.” The next player does the same, but says, “three.” This continues (2-10, J,Q,K,A) and then starts again at 2. However, if the person saying, “four” actually flips a four, all players must slap the pile. The last player to do so must drink from their Silipints and pick ups the cards, adding them to their hand. The game then resumes. Eventually, players run out of cards. If this happens, they continue to play, saying the number in line, but not playing anything. So someone plays a card, saying “six”; then someone without a card says “seven”; then someone with a card, says “eight” and plays one. If that card is EITHER a seven or an eight, players must slap. Be on your toes, Silination! But for those slappers when no slap is needed, well, they must consume. 
    3 quarters; ice tray; 2 Silipints; Sit in a circle with the ice tray facing up and the Silipints, filled 1/3 of the way with beer, placed behind the ice tray. There are two teams, on claiming each side of the table, each row of the ice tray and one Silipint. The goal is to bounce a quarter into the opposing side of the ice tray or Silipint, causing the other team/player to drink the Silipint or X many drinks if it lands in the ice tray (the first spot = 1 drink, second spot = 2 drinks, etc). However, if the last container of the ice tray is made, on either side, it’s a Bullwinkle! This means everyone has to make antlers on their head with their hands; the last person to do this, must drink a Silipint. If your own Silipint is made, you must drink it; if the opposing Silipint is made, you pick who drinks it from the other team. Players shoot until they miss. If three shots are made in a row, that person makes a rule. Rules are everlasting, unless someone uses their own rule to cancel and existing one. Bullwinkle! 
    Customized shape & image only for reference.
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