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    JIBBITZ & Shoe charms is popular with crocs shoes at the same time.It is a kinds of plug in buttons glue together with different kinds design or cartoon arts etc.Shoe charms is popular all over the world sepcially for children clogs,children crocs shoes.And wristbands also.
    Technics Information:
    Products : JIBBITZ & SHOE CHARMS
    Material : RUBBER OF SOFT PVC 
    Stand Size :  Any size available (Most between 2cm—4cm)
    Color Reference : Pantone CoIor Chart available.( Solid Color, & Multi-color are available)
    Logor Color Reference : Pantone CoIor Chart available
    CNC Engraving Tech Reference : Flat JIBBITZ&SHOE CHARMS which means all different level or color in same level,the result is FLAT or 2D & 3D JIBBITZ&SHOE CHARMS which means different part engrave in different level,the result shows in 2D or 3D result.
    Workmanship Tech Reference : single side or double side.Single side means the front side is logo,the back side is flat.Double size means both front and back side have logo.like:keycover,3D shoe charms,double side cell phone charm 
    Extra-Add Material Products Reference : Transparent  material available, Golddust mix with rubber or soft pvc material available, Glowing In Darkness on rubber or soft pvc material available
    Attachment Accessory:
    The attachment is attached to each piece.like:keychian,medal,megnet,mobile strap,ball piont ring,etc.
    Standard Packing : Individual poly bag. Or Gifts Box Packing
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